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VINITEX Engineering is a leading manufacturer based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat INDIA, manufacturing and exporting Textile Machinery. Our team has made this product after a thorough survey of the market & the product with latest technology. Our company VINITEX Engineering is one of the distinguished organizations that is engaged in the manufacturing and export of wide range of high precision equipments and machines like Warp Tying Machines, Textile Machinery Spare Parts etc. that are used in different Textile industrial units. The Company VINITEX Engineering Manufactures these machines and sells them globally. Vinitex Machine is used for continuous production of fabric beams which saves time & labour cost with perfection of fabric design. It can be used in fabrics like cotton, jute, leather, woolen, silk, denim etc. VINITEX Engineering gives an inspiration for new way of advanced production & Exporting Textile Machinery Firm. This Company began with lots of Goals, targets and new Image with great efforts to make it to the top in the Textile Industry & Machinery Manufacturing Industry globally. The Company is always conscious of maintaining high quality with the best technology in its product range and maintains the committed delivery schedules apart from offering the most competitive prices to the clients. We ensure you the maximum benefit of our machine and shall not let you down with the order. Our motto is to satisfy our customers and their requirements at best prices and quality.

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    The Vinitex Warp Tying machine is made up of 4 system selection patterns under a single unit which can be used according to the type of fabric. This machine is used in exchange of fabric beams which saves time and Labour cost and gives perfection of fabric design continuously. Normally it takes 7 to 8 hours to tie knots on the end of a fabric.(The machine is used at that time which can save lots of time and labour cost.) The machine can be used in fabrics like cotton, jute, leather, woolen, denims etc. It is convenient to use because we also give a Tying Machine Stand along with it. Thus making it easily accessible.Models are : 1). Model 1:- Tying knots from both sheet to sheet for sized warps, selection by selector needles, count range 6�s to 80�s single knots of fabric.2). Model 2:- For Tying from both lease to lease, for the warps wound on sectional warping or leased by machine after sizing with double lease. Count/ Din. Range 110�s cotton / 50 Din. Filament up to 6�s cotton 2000 Din. Any type of mixed blends, worsted, spun etc.3). Model 3:- This model is provided with lease-to-lease & sheet to sheet tying module. Very economical maintenance.4). Model 4:- Ideally developed for suiting, shirting, and furnishing. With technical provisions adapted any counts and type of yarn with un-even condition provided in a single width, can be knotted with or without lease (two-selection system). As per the count of warp the automatic self-adjusting thread, clip assuring tension to the threads of both layers appropriately. With variable speed control, inching motion brighter tube illumination for clear knotting vision the model is developed for high-speed textile industry.5). Model 5:- This Model is designed and developed with multiple selection system patterns, to be used as per the requirement of fabric. It can take care of all type of fabric material with numerous selection system patterns, with double end knock off arrangements. It can also take care of different type of fabrics with uneven count and din. Wound in single width with electronic stop motion in case of fault found in selection. The System can handle virtually any type of fabric very delicately without any fault or damage, such as Multi filament, Pure silk, double/single thread with multi color pattern and variation with yarn counts, with/without lease. 6). Model 6:- This Model is designed and developed to automatically take care of filaments, satin material, to avoid filamentation on the yarn to be selected and kept away from brush, by using �pushing method�. Thus the separated thread only is taken for knotting.7). Model 7:- For every major count and Din. Sheet to sheet or lease to lease ranging from single 6�s up to 4 X 6�s and 3000 Din. Higher range then single 6�s or 800 Din. �Model 4� machine is recommended.


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