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Looking for web security software? Pearl Software Inc. is a reputed name for all sorts of high quality IT security software and network control software that can help in preventing cyber bullying.

  • Echo Suite, Website Echo, IM Echo

    Pearl Echo Suite: It is a one of its type enterprise-class Internet monitoring, web monitoring cum internet filtering software. The main aim of Pearl Echo suite is to control the overall internet activity of the whole network of computers by capturing the entire web history of end-users including file transfer, chat, IM, web mail and other sorts of encoded attachments. With Pearl Echo suite strengthen up your profit upfront in addition to consolidating your Acceptable Internet Usage policy to prevent misuse of internet by your workforce. Pearl Website Echo: Manage employee web usage with this standalone Pearl website Echo solution. Now restrict website access for employees by blocking the sites that pave way for less productivity and harm the overall working environment of your organization. With Pearl website Echo, website access permission can be implemented at various levels including directory computer, group based or user level based system as per allotted time or via a domain library of categories. Moreover it offers you the liberty to exempt trusted websites from getting blocked. Pearl IM Echo: Feeling suspicious about what's cooking up among your employees? Try out Pearl IM Echo by which you can grant access or revoke IM and Chat usage over your own network. It keeps a record of all the IM and web chat history of the employees. It gives you an added advantage of plan all your IM traffic as per your custom internet access usage policy. It will also result in enhanced work efficiency on the part of your workforce thereby enforcing your internet acceptable use policy up to a greater extent.


Pearl Software, Inc.
echo suite, website echo, im echo