Zippy Shell of Lehigh Valley in United States

Zippy Shell is the solution for all of your self storage needs. What could be easier than a self storage container coming to your home or business? No need to rent or borrow a truck, drive for an hour and then spend hours loading and unloading. You can now get your storage organized right in your driveway! When you want your goods returned, Zippy Shell re-delivers right back to your home or business. We can even deliver to a new location.

  • Portable Self-Storage

    At Zippy Shell of Lehigh Valley we make your storage easy. We come to your house with a container, let you fill it up, then take that container back to one of our secure storage warehouses. When you want your belongings back, we deliver your container to you, even to a diferent location than where you originally packed it!


Zippy Shell of Lehigh Valley
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