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New York Reproductive Wellness is a fertility and reproductive endocrinology practice based inJericho, Long Island. Dr. Gregory Zapantis formed NYRW to introduce a level of attentive and compassionate care unsurpassed in the field today. At his office, you will experience a committed holistic approach that is designed to optimize your health and well-being.

  • Fertility and Reproductive Wellness

    Dr. Zapantis' goal for you is fertility care that is customized, taking into account your personal, religious and ethical beliefs. Treatment may involve the most natural and non-invasive approaches. It may also include alternative therapies such as acupuncture, group sessions and massage therapy. Or, treatment may incorporate intrauterine inseminations or the latest innovative in-vitro fertilization and interdisciplinary approaches. NYRW has partnered with among the finest IVF laboratories with many of the most experienced and accomplished embryologists on Long Island to offer the best chances for conception with IVF treatment. We also have partnered with outstanding acupuncturists and therapists to offer optimal alternative therapies.

    • Fertility and Reproductive Wellness


New York Reproductive Wellness
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