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European Wax Center in Tampa, FL provides The Ultimate Wax Experience for men and women.

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    European Wax CenterĀ® was established in 2004. But you could say the entrepreneurial spirit was sparked in founders Dave, Josh and Jessica Coba when they were barely out of toddlerhood. That's when their father, Nelson Coba, a successful salon owner in Aventura, Florida, would speak to them about the ins and outs of his hair salon on nightly walks after dinner. In 1992, the elder Coba went to Argentina, where waxing was very popular, and decided to add three waxing rooms to his salon. Three years later, Dave and Josh began to help their father with the waxing business. But there were no systems or structure for that part of the business, and it faltered. They begged their dad to get rid of waxing altogether. Their father refused. And that's when the younger Cobas realized that waxing might be best part of the business - if it was done right. So they spent 10 years refining the business from top to bottom. Systems, structure, organization, technology, training, culture, everything - including searching the world to find the perfect wax. All in the name of creating a stand-alone wax center devoted to delivering exceptional service and products and the highest level of professionalism: the ultimate wax experience. The hard work, ingenuity, the "how do we make this better" and "how can we run that smoother," has paid off. Today, the European Wax Center business is thriving in franchises all over the country. This is our story - the foundation for our brand.


European Wax Center - South Tampa
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