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    Fresh Air Exhaust is pleased to announce that Correct Craft Boats (Nautique) has included a Fresh Air Exhaust designed system on their 2014 G23 and G25 boats. Pleasure Craft Marine evaluated the Fresh Air Exhaust design and certified them for use on their 550 hp supercharged engine (XS 550 SC). Fresh Air Exhaust reduces dangerous Carbon Monoxide to safe levels once the boat is underway. As an added benefit engine exhaust noise levels are substantially reduced. Larry Mann, the inventor of Fresh Air Exhaust, is thrilled that his exhaust design has been certified on the largest, highest horsepower engine available from Pleasure Craft Marine. Since a FAE has been certified on this engine it is evident that FAE can handle the demands of the smaller engines typically found on inboard boats. Fresh Air Exhaust is available for ALL inboard boats: G23, G25, all other Nautiques, Axis, Calabria, Centurion, Correct Craft, Epic, Gecko, Hydrodyne, Infinity, Malibu (all Wedges), MasterCraft, MB, Moomba, Sanger, Shamrock, Ski Supreme, Supra, Tige, some SwitchBlades, as well as yachts and sports fishers. We know there are many people that have waited to purchase a FAE out of concerns about performance issues or what impact it might have on their engine warranty. Correct Craft and Pleasure Craft Marine have now laid this concern to rest. In celebration of the Fresh Air Exhaust design arriving in Nautique showrooms around the country, we are offering $50 off FAE purchased in August. This applies to all brands of boats. * If you place your order online, the discount code is: Surf_Pipe


Fresh Air Exhaust
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