Cutting Edge Water Jet Service in South Beloit

The Electrol Specialties Company of South Beloit Illinois founded 60 years ago established Cutting Edge Water Jet Service in 1999. While Electrol Specialties provides electrical and mechanical engineering and design, welding and fabrication services to the pharmaceutical, dairy, food and brewing industries, Cutting Edge Water Jet Service provides abrasive waterjet cutting to all industries.

Cutting Edge Water Jet Service (CEWJS) utilizes multiple 87,000-psi pumps and CNC controlled systems with cutting envelopes as large as 144" x 144", to abrasive waterjet cut all known materials to customers specifications. Single-head cutting or multi-head cutting is available to produce shapes within tolerances of +/- .010" consistently. Material thicknesses can range from .001" - 19.5".

  • Architectural water jet cutting

    Waterjet cutting systems are much like other shape cutting systems utilizing computer controlled motion, post processing of tool paths, and multi-head configurations.


Cutting Edge Water Jet Service
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