Water and wastewater Equipment Company in Solon

Ohio based Water & Waste Water Equipment Company offers affordable range water recycling and purification equipment like Clarifiers, Filter Press, Ion exchange softeners, Reverse Osmosis andmore. The company provides design, installation and fabrication.
  • Used Lamella Clarifier

    Water & wastewater Equipment Company provide Used Lamella Clarifier to sediment various hydroxides and particles for required water filtration as per the industry requirement. WWE is solidlypositioned for supporting the municipal customers, manufacturing and supporting business with various types of solutions to meet environmental goals.
  • Air hydraulic closures systems

    The air hydraulic closures systems is a method used for wastewater treatment but mainly for large scale industrial units where gallons of water is splashed for separation, oil/water separation andion exchange process. The water recycling and purification method follows for enhancing the level of water to meet environmental compliance.


Water and wastewater Equipment Company
carbon clarifier specification,carbon clarifier specification