Strut Hair Solutions in Solana Beach

Strut Hair Solutions' San Diego location offers a large selection of wigs and hair extensions suited for a variety of needs. We have been helping out clients find the right hair solutions since 2002.

  • Hair Replacement, Laser Hair Therapy,

    Strut Hair Solutions was orginally founed as City Wigs in 2002 by Helena Gibson. Inspired by personal experience helping her mother fight thinning har, Helena passionaltely embarked on a mission to help all those with hair loss problems. The first location was opened at a mall kiosk in 2002, they quickly became a flagship store in that mall, and In 2011 opened their location in Solana Beach, San Diego. Today, Strut Hair Solutions has expanded to help both male and female clients with thinning hair, and stocks a large inventory of high-quality wigs, hairpieces, and accessories.


Strut Hair Solutions
wig salon, hair replacement, laser hair therapy,