Pando Health Groups in Solana Beach

At Pando, we address and correct the fundamental problems in medicine caused by of lack of time, attention, and options. We take the time to offer holistic medical care with support, education, andcare planning. The inspiration of the Pando Tree illustrates our values of community, connection, nurture, and care for one and all.
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    Modern medicine is a living paradox: We can cure cancer and save someone having a heart attack, but too many Americans are unhappy with their care. Being practitioners in the traditional medicalsystem, we observed that most visits to primary care practices were about emotions and health issues that required time, care and attention that could not be given during the appointment. We offerholistic, individualized care at a comfortable pace as well as educational and supportive health classes, and a variety of restorative movement classes. Above all, we put the "care" back in healthcare; we are "A Better Way to Feel Better


Pando Health Groups
 holistic medicine practitioner, internal medicine, holistic health, alternative medicine, primary care