Folktown Counseling, LLC in Seattle

FOLKTOWN COUNSELING is a private practice located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle helping children, adults, and couples lead more meaningful lives. As licensed mental health counselors weoffer relational psychotherapy to assist clients in their personal growth and to explore their problem.
  • counseling

    (psychotherapy) is a unique and intentional relationship designed to help you grow as a person. Counseling is often sought for personal development or to treat a specific issue such as: depression,anxiety, trauma, addiction, eating disorders, relationship problems or marital issues.
    •    counseling
  • Art mentoring

    ART MENTORING is a partnering relationship for artists within the context of their work. We assist artists in addressing emotional and psychological issues to authentically connect to their artwithin a life balance. We do this either by the art-making process as therapeutic in and of itself (ART THERAPY) or "art in therapy" (ART PSYCHOTHERAPY).
    • Art mentoring


Folktown Counseling, LLC
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