Smith Patten in San Francisco

Smith Patten is the preeminent California employment rights law firm with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is a professional corporation formed by experienced attorneys and is specializein employment law, civil rights and business litigation boutique.
  • Civil Rights Lawyers in California

    Smith Patten is dedicated to representing employees in all industries, all professions, and at all employment levels. As advocates for workplace fairness, our passion is to help advance the goals ofemployees and protect their rights against injustices in the workplace.
  • Sexual Harassment attorney San Francisco

    Smith Patten is a law firm experienced in sexual harassment cases. Harassment cases involve very nuanced legal arguments related to employer liability. Our track record of successfully handling highprofile harassment cases brings legitimacy to new cases that we take on. Although our offices are on the west coast in San Francisco and Los Angeles our attorneys at Smith Patten have tried cases inState and Federal Courts in California and throughout the United States.


Smith Patten
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