San Diego Heating & Air in San Diego CA

Mauzy Heating and Air, based in San Diego, California, is a recognized leader in the Southern California central air conditioning & heating industry serving homeowners and businesses. Dedicated to providing ultimate heating, cooling and air conditioning solutions, Mauzy Heating & Air is a family-owned California heating and a/c contractor invested in providing you with the very finest strategies, heating and cooling systems at reasonable cost.

  • Heating

    Mauzy Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in the repair, retrofit and installation of any heating system, regardless of brand and model. As San Diego's choice for heating services, our skilled family of heating specialists adheres to timeless values-like promptness, efficiency, competitive pricing, and client-focused service. Our #1 goal? To leave you 100% satisfied with every service call.

  • Air Conditioning

    At Mauzy Heating & Air Conditioning, we're skilled in the installation, retrofit and repair of any air conditioning system, no matter what the brand and variety. In addition to our proven home climate expertise, our family of technicians and cooling specialists believes in prompt, client-focused service that leaves you 100% satisfied with every visit.

  • Insulation

    Our San Diego heating and air conditioning company promotes energy conservation by installing state-of-the art attic insulation systems. Your home potentially loses 40% of the energy you use on heating and cooling through the ceiling. Read why Every Home Should Have Adequate Attic Insulation.

    Mauzy Heating & Air helps San Diego homeowners conserve energy and save up to 20% on their heating and cooling bills by insulating attics with the Owens Corning AttiCat system. This expanding blown-in insulation is Energy Star rated and is a no-mess, economical and environmentally responsible way to save energy, money, and get the most out of your heating and air conditioning system. Ask for a free quote today!


San Diego Heating & Air
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