Spectrum Healthcare, Inc. in Phoenixville

Want to get premium medical services? Spectrum Healthcare offers premium medical facilities such as compression pumps, wraps, lymphedema products, artery disease treatment services to your doorsteps. We offer a wide range of compression therapy and treatments products to serve as a remedy for medical ailments. Whether you need treatment, venous insufficiency treatments, Chronic Non Healing Wound, Non sequential compression devices, lymphedema supplies, you can rely on our expertise. We are expert in compression therapy products and their applications. We make sure that you get appropriate CVI treatment and compression therapy products. The noteworthy aspect of our Bio Compression system and other products are that they are fully covered by Medicare and insurance plans.

  • Compression Pumps

    Our high quality compression systems are consisted of automated compression pumps with inbuilt inflatable chambers and vinyl sleeves. These vinyl sleeves are available in various shape and sizes to fit the affected body part. Our compression pumps are of premium quality and can easily control pressure, speed and compression methods. All our compression pumps are manufactured by leading manufacturers including Bio-Compression Systems, Waypoint Medical, Lympha-Press and much more.

  • Arterial Pumps

    With our state of art quality technical arterial pumps. All are arterial pumps are designed to combine fast inflation along with sequential compression to empty up the veins thereby reducing venous resistance to promote unobstructed flow across capillaries. It increases the floe of blood to extreme corners thereby pacing up the healing process at a faster rate. Get augmented arterial flow and microcirculation with our wide range of arterial pumps. All these pumps are customized to suit the varied needs of affected individuals.

  • Wraps and Bandaging

    Our wraps and bandaging are of premium quality and are available in elastic and non-elastic variants to single and multilayer variants. All our compression wraps and bandages prove worthy when used with correct assessment, application and fitting that won't affect the compliance and mobility level of the patient.

  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

    Our high quality relief-giving negative pressure wound therapy are effective in promoting the wound healing process that are difficult to treat with conventional wound dressings. It creates a sort of seal against the skin by creating a vacuum. Vacuum creation helps to draw out irrelevant and undesirable fluids from the wound.


Spectrum Healthcare, Inc.
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