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Services to meet your needs. We keep it simple and can immediately arrange bail and write the bond. We can even work with you on financial arrangements - like collateral or credit terms. Located in New Jersey, our bail bond offices can be found in most major cities 24 Hour Emergency Bail Bonds Easy Payment Plans Collateral Not Always Needed Any Jail, Any Court Se Habla Espanol We Have An Obligation To: Provide fast and courteous service Provide receipts for all money collected Provide receipts for the collateral used to financially guarantee the bail bond Provide information, such as, date and location regarding the defendant's mandatory court appearance Explain to the parties signing the contracts what they are signing and their contractual responsibility Provide phone numbers in case of questions or failure to appear in court Keep all information confidential Be courteous and polite Go over payment arrangements Return your collateral after all obligations are fulfilled If any of these things are not provided please call us at 732-395-0767 and ask for the customer relations department

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    We Serve the entire state of New Jersey. All County Jails! Call today 732-395-0767

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