Precision Missing Persons Investigations in Palm Harbor

Precision Missing Persons Investigations is a fully licensed and insured investigative company that only specilizes in missing persons cases. Your loved one might have run away, forget to call home, wandered off or disappeared. They might be a child, teenager, an adult or senior citizen. Our team of specially trained missing person investigators apply experience, dedication and cutting edge technology providing you with the very best chance of locating your loved one. Investigations are performed in all 50 states. International investigations are performed on cases that have been initiated in the U.S.

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    Missing persons cases are among the most difficult case types to solve. It takes the training and experience of seasoned police investigators to afford you the very best chance of locating your loved one. Precision Missing Persons Investigations' two lead investigators possess a combined 60 years of police and investigative experience. Couple this extensive experience with the fact that only (1) major case at a time is accepted thus all of our resources are dedicated to your situation! It's this vast experience, specialized dedication along with intricate techniques, tools and training that that translates into a staggering success rate.


Precision Missing Persons Investigations
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