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Vista Clinical Diagnostics is a trusted Medical Laboratory & Clinical Diagnostics Center in Orlando, FL

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    When we first opened our doors back in 2003, we set out to change the industry and not be like every Clinical Testing Facility in the business. We vowed that big or small, certain fundamentals would never change as they are the cornerstone of our mission statement. At Vista we pride ourselves on three principles which set us apart from other companies in the Health Care Industry. We began our company to make a difference and we continue to uphold these standards each and every day. Fast Accurate Results: Vista has the very latest in testing technology and some of the brightest people in the field. We pride ourselves on being able to offer same day results, often within just a couple hours for the convenience of Physicians and patients alike. Your health should never be on hold. Affordable Pricing: Our prices are typically 60-70% less than our competitors, particularly for self-pay clients. We strive to make a difference in making our services available to everyone. Patient-First Customer Care: Patient customer service is the cornerstone of our Brand. Many companies talk about it. We actually deliver it. We offer a spa-like atmosphere with an average 7 minute wait time at each of our patient service centers. Our goal is treat you with the utmost courtesy and to get you in and out as quickly as possible so that you can get on with your day.


Vista Clinical Diagnostics - Orlando
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