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I'm Roy Cole. I'm your bankruptcy attorney. I've been practicing bankruptcy here in Utah for the last eleven (11) years. We know what we're doing. We can help you Get Debt FREE. If you are havingdebt problems and you're being harassed by your creditors, filing for bankruptcy may be the answer. Call us today for a FREE Bankruptcy Consultation. Our expertise comes from studying the letter ofthe law, of course, but also from real-world experience in bankruptcy cases. We know how the courts and the criminal justice system operate, and we know how to function within those worlds to makesure your interests and rights are protected. When you're facing a legal challenge, let us show you the difference our commitment to you can make.
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  • Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy is the ability to get rid of debts that have become burdensome and nonproductive. For instance credit card, check loans, open credit lines that are becoming collection accounts, medicaldebts, things of that nature. That you want to get rid of because you just can't pay them because they're holding you back from making any progress in your life. I hope this has been informationalfor you. I hope it's helped you out. If you need information today call us today or hit our website, send me an email. We do respond very quickly. If this is an emergency please call our office.We'll fit you in; we'll find time for you. The consultation is FREE, so it doesn't cost you anything. The reality of the situation that you're in is that we can help you. Just give us a chance andlet us do that for you. Please call (801) 784-3466
  • Family Law

    Sometimes, issues arise or you need legal help. No matter the reason or what is behind this, you want to be sure that you and everyone in your family manages this with as little stress and as fewproblems as possible. On your own, it is difficult to do this. You may become overwhelmed by everything that is happening or you may not know the law well enough to see results that work in yourfavor. This may cause you to lose what is close to you or not have what you had wanted, which is stressful. Having a family law attorney in Ogden, Utah by your side gives you the chance to avoidproblems and increase your chances of a happy ending. This is what will give you your joy and ensure that everything works out for you, which is what you need and want. Every person in the family hasthe happiness they desire along with what they need to keep going. Whether this is a coming together or a separation, you need a lawyer who knows family law by your side. Relationships do not alwayslast. While they may start with love and the best of intentions, things change. Finding yourself in the midst of a divorce and a separation of property, as well as support for that person, you may belost in everything. This is an emotionally draining time enough, which leaves you with little desire to learn everything related to the law that you need to know. If your spouse decides to get anattorney, however, this situation may worsen for you. Going into any type of separation without representation may lead to results that are not in your favor. You are without protection, giving yourspouse all of the power. Unless you have knowledge of the law and can handle everything properly, going at this alone is not something you should consider. Family law is not all about you and aspouse, obviously. Your children play a major role in this, and in several different ways. If you are going through a divorce, you are also going to be dealing with child custody and support. This isincredibly stressful and difficult for parents, especially when there is that fear that you may not see your child, or at least not as often as you would hope you could. There are also issuesinvolving neglect of your children and paternity when unsure if you are the parent, as well as termination of your parental rights. Dealing with issues related to your children often requires adelicate, knowledgeable touch to ensure that everything is handled properly. You need to be sure that this will be handled properly and with care so that you are not losing something precious to you.Adoption also has its place with family law. If you are starting a family but have children from a previous relationship, you are going to want to bring everyone together. Doing so is more thansimply making sure everyone is happy together, at least in the eyes of the law. If you want your new spouse to have parental rights when it comes to your children, they need to adopt them. This is asituation you want handled carefully and properly so that you can be a complete family, where the parents have legal custody of the children. If something were to happen to you, you would want yourspouse to have custody of your children and to be able to make decisions that are legal. Adoption makes that possible, as long as everything is taken care of in the best possible manner. Contacting afamily law attorney in Ogden, Utah will give you the chance to ensure that you are protected every step of the way. If your case has to do with divorce, custody, support, or anything similar, you aregoing to need that protection. This is a time when you may lose a lot more than you may ever be willing to lose, whether that is a financial or personal loss. This may result in not only stress andworries, but damage to you emotionally, as well. Oftentimes, each side is trying to get the most for them personally. You need to make sure you are doing this, too, so that you do not end up payingmore than you can afford, or losing what you are not willing to lose. You love the people closest to you and you cannot afford high cost support, which is why you need a professional and capablelawyer by your side. This will protect you completely, ensuring that you do not lose those closest to you and that you are not having everything you own taken from you. Sometimes, a family law lawyeris there to protect the entire family and keep joyous occasions from falling apart. If you are going through a process that you need to make sure goes off without a problem, you should have a lawyerby your side. While you may consider what you are doing simple, things can happen. You cannot let anyone take advantage of you or anything get in the way of your happiness, and a lawyer will makesure that does not happen. You and your family are protected entirely during this and your chances of it working out in your favor increase. When this is something so close to your heart andsomething you need to succeed, you cannot leave it to just anyone. Choosing a capable and professional lawyer will give you the protection you need during this time. Having a family law attorney inOgden, Utah is not something you can ignore when the situation calls for one. This person is protecting your rights and ensuring that you have a happier life, whether that is separated from or alltogether with everyone. These situations are already overwhelming enough, but dealing with them on your own would worsen that. A lawyer has the knowledge, experience, and skill needed to representyou and help you through your difficult family matters. Roy D Cole Attorney at Law 2564 Washington Boulevard #101 Ogden, UT 84401 (801) 784-3466
  • Personal Injury

    Accidents are painful on both the body and mind. If you have recently been in one that caused you a great amount of stress and problems, including the inability to work and a reduced quality of life,you are going to need to find some relief. Having this is possible when you hire a personal injury lawyer in Ogden, Utah to help you. This gives you the chance to have financial assistance in a timewhen you need it most. This will make up for lost time at work and cover medical costs that you must take on as a result of this accident. No matter the severity of what happened or how it hasaffected your life, there is a strong possibility that you can find relief in court. You have someone available who knows how to make this happen and how to give you the quality representation youneed. Personal Injury Lawyer Utah An accident can occur for any number of reasons and anywhere. The one thing they all have in common is the need for quick assistance so that matters do not worsen,creating a situation where living your daily life is more difficult and stressful. If this accident was at the fault of someone else because they were lacking proper safety, you need to make surethat you are covered. Having help during this time will give you the opportunity to pay bills and deal with problems that will likely arise as a result of this injury, like high medical costs. Toavoid going into debt or losing something because you were unable to pay the bills, you can contact a lawyer to represent your case. A personal injury lawyer will be capable of helping you duringthis case. This is someone with a large amount of knowledge available to them, which benefits your case. When you are going into court to have the responsible party pay, you need the skills andcapabilities of a lawyer by your side. It is likely that they will have a lawyer, as well, and they are going to try everything they can to not pay. Even if they are at complete fault for whathappened, they are still going to try to do what they can to make sure they are not found guilty, simply so that they do not have to pay. Since they will have representation, you should, too. Thisraises the chances of the case working out in your favor. While you are going to want to make sure the guilty party pays for medical costs, you are also going to want to be covered for extraexpenses. How much you lost because you could not work and any extra damage this may have caused are just as important, and a lawyer can make sure you are paid for them. This ensures that everythingis cared for during such a difficult time, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Ogden, Utah is the best decision you can make after an accident. This is anissue that causes several problems and may become far more expensive than you might think. A lawyer is capable of helping you have the relief and assistance you need, easing the stress anddifficulties. Roy D Cole Attorney at Law 2564 Washington Boulevard #101 Ogden, UT 84401 (801) 784-3466


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