Instant Answering Service in Ocala

Instant Answering Service offers call center support to businesses nationwide. We provide a cost-effective virtual office assistant service from our Floridabased facility - we are a 100% U.S. based service provider.

  • Telephone Answering Service

    Does your business have a phone? Of course it does. Are there times when it rings, but you are unable to answer? Of course there are. In fact, this issue is exactly what our telephone answering service seeks to remedy. We answer the calls you can't (or won't) answer yourself. Now, you don't need to tell us why you aren't picking up the phone. Maybe there's a meeting, or, perhaps, you're out having lunch with a client. Alternatively, maybe you're trying to avoid a certain client who keeps calling - over and over and over again. Not to worry; it's not our place to judge. We simply answer, courteously and reliably, 24 hours a day.

  • Virtual Office Assistants

    When things get busy - and they always do at some point - it can be a real pain to do everything by yourself. Your day might include making appointments, responding to emails, picking your kids up from school, calling people back, processing orders, taking your kids to jai alai practice, entering client data into your CRM, and so forth. Thankfully, we have virtual office assistants across the country who can help you with some of these tasks. Which ones? Give us a call to find out.

  • Emergency Dispatch Service

    Does your company operate around-the-clock? Like a locksmith or something, right? Oh, a towing company. Well, that's interesting. OK, so I'd imagine you have drivers who are on-call, waiting for the message that someone's car has just broken down and they need you to drag that old beater to the mechanic, right? Well, you know what? We provide a great service that does just that - an emergency dispatch service. Although it might not be a life-or-death situation, we still say "emergency" as in "urgent". After someone calls your 1-800 number, for example, an operator at our company will call the correct contacts at your company. You just provide us with instructions, a list of staff cell phone numbers, and we're just about ready to go.

  • Doctors’ Office Answering Service

    This type of service is our bread and butter, so to speak. When you say "answering service" many people automatically picture a friendly operator with a headset, greeting people who've called their doctor's office in the middle of the night - probably because they've come down with a cold. Well, in many cases, this is totally accurate. Our doctors' office answering service can take after-hours calls, make appointments for callers, and even contact the doctor in an emergency. We answer for dozens of other industries, but doctor's offices and towing companies remain some of the most popular.


Instant Answering Service
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