Modern Strategic Branding + Communications in North Wales

Modern provides graphic design, branding services, website design, content writing, and sales collateral for business brand cohesion. Need to be different from our brochure they may or may not see?We help businesses and organizations express who they are, what they do and why they do it. We believe simple is smart, words matter and visual impact is a potent tool for commanding attention.Whether it's smart, serious, sophisticated or silly, our work is designed to connect, convince, inspire and sell. We're talented, friendly and well-versed in communications. From designing a logo,defining your marketing strategy or launching a new website to implementing a refreshed brand, working with you to elevate your company's credentials is where we shine. We put design to work for youand together we can build a brand worth building. I need your help to write about 2 paragraphs describing your business.
  • Graphic Design

    Modern SBC graphic designers have won awards for logo creation and worked on well known-brands like Sheraton, Kraft Foods, The Red Cross and Cigna. We place emphasis on readability and usabilitywhile letting our designs amplify ideas and hammer home the message. Whether working on a website, product brochures, a logo or a catalog, we aim to identify, inspire and influence.
  • Branding Services

    Modern SBC provides branding and marketing advisory services to create brands that inspire trust and uniquely reflect the business. Our graphic designers build beautiful, unique images that connectbusinesses with clients and communicate credibility, competence and confidence for both internal and external audiences.
  • Website Design

    Before starting a website design decide on a digital strategy with our clients. Our web designs express the heart of the business, products and services in an easy to use, responsive and easy tomaintain website that elevatesthe brand and tells the business storyand positions you to satand shoulder-to-shoulder, if not taller, with your competition.
  • Content Writing

    Modern's skilled content writers are story-tellers at heart. We work closely with clients to combineof the right language and images to convey information quickly and accurately.
  • Sales Collateral

    Creating sales collateral that works, from direct mail, brochures, and posters to whitepapers, case studies, e-books, and data-driven reports is not for amateurs. Today's buyers are smart and savvy,routinely exposed to sophisticated messaging. Crafting copy that presents you as professional and qualified can connect with and convert your audience.


Modern Strategic Branding + Communications
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