Vertoe Luggage Storage New York in New York

Vertoe is a mission to optimize world's spaces for smarter living. Instead of creating more space in ever expanding cities, we want to ensure existing space is utilized more proficiently. We startwith solving the challenge caused by lack of short-term storage area solutions in the market. Within a walkable city like New York, either as a tourist or otherwise, we often find ourselves carryingunnecessary weight (bags, luggage, etc) that tires us down both mentally and physically. In order to make this journey hassle free, we assist individuals find our near by Vertoe Locations where theycan store their luggage and/or other items for so long as they want. Our carefully vetted storage space partners ensure your items remain safe and secure as you enjoy the location stress free. Vertoealso offers you a Vertoe Guarantee of $1, 000 on your stored items to give you that extra peace of mind. Vertoe is a play on the Latin word 'Verto' that stands for alteration. We are a gifted team ofproblem solvers with background at leading organizations and institutions in the country. Were always looking for passionate people to join us who are prompted to think BIG and do MORE. Call Us +1(929) 260-2201


Vertoe Luggage Storage New York
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