The Creativity Workshop in New York

The Creativity Workshop stimulates innovative thinking, imagination and creativity among professionals.

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    Creativity Workshops in New York City, Crete, Barcelona, Florence, Provence, Dubai, Prague, Istanbul. We also offer specific on-site creativity workshops for businesses and educational institutions.

    The Creativity Workshop, since 1993, has been working with writers, business professionals, scientists, educators, psychologists, and artists from different nations and ages. Our creative courses are geared to improve your creativity with the use of creative writing, memoir, mapping, storytelling, photography, collage, guided visualizations and free hand drawing, which stimulate the entire spectrum of human cognition. The practical learning techniques involved help in stimulating innovative thinking, imagination and creativity. We help you to get over paralyzing self criticism and writer's blocks. All you need to possess is the desire to explore creativity and curiosity within you. Our workshops ensure a non-competitive environment where focus and freedom goes hand in hand. We understand that the whole world is a play and play is the greatest teacher, which resides inside all of us.


The Creativity Workshop
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