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    (Please provide a descriptive, neutral, third-person overview of this company. Avoid marketing language.Start with one sentence that best describes what the company does. Then submit extra paragraphsto provide more depth.) At Media Trawler we aim to provide ad management and ad serving solutions to companies that buy, create or sell all forms of advertising. The world's top marketers andpublishers use MediaTrawler as the foundation for their media buying or selling. With deep expertise in ad serving, media planning and search management, MediaTrawler helps customers execute theirmarketing strategy more effectively. We work closely with publishers to gain insights into their business and help advertisers and marketers overcome challenges when seeking opportunities in themarketing environment. Our solutions are proven to be cost-effective alternative to using media buying agencies and ad placement solutions. Our network allows buyers and sellers meet directly on aninnovative web platform as media neutral service solutions are listed in order of relevance to you and the search criteria you have selected. We fit the technology to meet the needs of our clientsand develop systems and solutions that address immediate need while anticipating future demands on the business. We work closely with our clients to gain insights into their business challenges andseek a deep understanding of their operational environment, enabling us to translate business need into advanced software solutions . Our solutions are proven to be cost-effective, scalable, robustand future proof.


Media Trawler
media buying solutions, marketing, advertising, adserving, search management, media buying agency, ad management