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I was introduced to the secret of life several years ago. I thought I understood the law of attraction. Ask, believe and receive. Like most, I asked for love. I believed in love, but did I receivelove? I received love long before I asked. My family and those who I call my friends love me. I did not recognize it because I did not understand what love meant. For many years, I asked for love,but love is not something we can ask for. It's a feeling we share. The law of attraction is the belief that who we are and how we think affects our life experiences. It is based on the idea that likeenergy attracts like energy. If we want to attract love and love is unconditional, then we must not only give off positive energy, but it must also be unconditional. Giving unconditionally means togive without any expectations of getting anything in return. It is not an easy thing to do because we allow our subconsciousness to control us. With focus, mindfulness and awareness, we canunderstand how we feel. This will give us the strength to eliminate our fears and let go of control. Then, we can act out of the purity of hearts to give unconditionally to another because it feelsgood! gitr means to give unconditionally. gitr is short for the two parties required in any sharing relationship: (gi)ver (+) (r)eceiver = gitr. gitr is a Social Drinking App for 21+. Now availableon the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. gitr Features: Buy & redeem drink coupons Send & receive drink coupons to from family, friends and locals Chat privately with family andfriends Make new connections with nearby locals Find and recommend venues to friends. Address: 1297 Lexington Ave #5 New York, NY 10128 Telephone: (212) 882-1799
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gitr - Social Drinking App
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