A Flying Camera Flipbooks & Photobooths in Napa

A Flying Camera is the locals choice provider of flipbooks and photobooths rentals. Create an amazing experience for virtually any event!
  • Flipbooks

    Remember the old booklets of drawings that you could flip through and suddenly the images would move like a cartoon? A Flying Camera's Flipbooks is the modern day version of this.

    Guests come and take a 7-second video doing whatever they can think of. A Flying Camera's crew immediately creates a 60-page booklet and as you "flip" through the pages your 7-second video animates in perfect clarity.

    The most amazing part of A Flying Camera's flipbooks - they are created in as little as 90 seconds!! Your guests will stand by and watch this amazing process in disbelief. Yes, we create a 60-page flipbook with your custom cover in about a minute and a half. It's totally amazing, totally fun, and will be the talk of your party.

  • Event photography services

    A Flying Camera is proud to provide premium photography services for just about every type of event. Services range from simple "shoot & burn" to onsite printing, green screens and meet & greets. If you need anything related to photos at an event, then we probably do it.

    It seems these days everyone and their mother is a "photographer." Many have great online portfolios, but who can you really trust to capture your event? A Flying Camera goes to great lengths to make sure that we have the best talents backed by our world class service. When you hire us to photograph your event, you are hiring our entire staff, and the photographer we send will be backed up by many others in case of emergency. And, as always, we provide streamlined turnkey service at incredible rates.

  • Premium photobooths

    You remember…you were a kid at the mall or an arcade…you sat inside the booth, it took a few photos, and then you anxiously awaited while the photos developed. It was fun then, and today's modern version is even more fun.

    A Flying Camera has been custom manufacturing photobooths for almost 10 years. We have mastered the perfect design of real steel, fully enclosed, legitimate photobooths. Specifically designed for speed, ease of use, and most importantly, great photos - A Flying Camera's photobooths are ideal for your event.


A Flying Camera Flipbooks & Photobooths
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