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Gold! The very word makes you think of shiny gold coins and jewelry, or perhaps even the Gold Rush. But, did you know that gold has always been a great thing to invest in? Gold, being a preciousmetal, has been a popular commodity to invest in for a very long time. But, the ways you can invest in Gold has changed. And we, at Gold-Eagle, offer news and advice on the four main ways to investin Gold. We were one of the very first information sites for gold and other precious metal. We have our very own real time chart that displays the price of not just gold, but also silver, palladiumand platinum, over various time periods. We also have our very own editorials, where writers from all over the world give us their take on everything gold. Furthermore, you can post any preciousmetal-related queries or thoughts in our Forum, and expect plenty of response. And do remember to check out our Gold Fund Index, which is composed of Precious Metals Mutual Funds.

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