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We, at Leaf Credit Solutions, do our best to keep our clients happy and break through the bad rep earned by credit repair companies. With our reputation for transparency and integrity, we offer our clients affordable and effective credit repair services. Our company specializes in credit building, inquiry removal, debt settlement/negotiations services, and a referral program. If money management is your problem, then we can give you great techniques to manage it effectively and remain debt-free.

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    Credit Repair, Credit Building, Business Credit, Debt Settlement

    If you're looking for a credit repair company with a reputation for transparency and integrity, then Leaf Credit Solutions is your solution. Based in Bloomfield, NJ, we serve people nationwide. Though credit repair companies have a bad rep, we are doing our utmost to change this view. Our services are affordable and effective. The variety of services we offer range from disputing inquiries that could damage your credit score to increasing your credit score. If money management is your problem, then we are here to help you out with good money management techniques. Thanks to our advanced dispute tactics, 73 percent of our clients became eligible for a loan within 30-90 days of enroling. We are faithful to the four Federal statutes that hold credit firms accountable. We will do our best by you.


Leaf Credit Solutions

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