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Our aim is to make your business process more efficient! We, are Skymira LLC, leading providers of mobile business applications, M2M (machine-to-machine) telemetry services; and workflow automationsolutions. We provide solutions that are effective, ready to use, rapidly deployable and that can be customised to your business operations. Our support management services with real-time reporting,seamlessly integrates disparate streams of information from across your enterprise, into a cohesive, user-friendly platform. In doing so, we provide you with the clearest picture possible of yourdaily operations. A picture that opens up multiple opportunities for increasing your efficiency! Our intuitive, easy to use Apps for smartphones and Tablets are deployable on any browser-equipped,smartphone, tablet or laptop. Our M2M telemetry applications are capable of monitoring, nearly any machine or device in real-time, over cellular and satellite networks. The GPS Location apps weprovide, can increase daily productivity, by optimizing people and equipment use and reducing labour and fuel costs. We collaborate with leading manufacturers and network operators including,Inmarsat, Skywave, Iridium, Light Squared, Hughes, and Thrane and Thrane, besides others. We serve the energy, natural resources and transportation industries. We can help you unlock the full valueof your remote information.
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    Mobile business applications, Machine-to-machine telemetry (M2M), Workflow Automation, GPS tracking, Electronic forms, Mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP), Satellite communication hardware,Satellite communication service.


Skymira LLC
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