Diablo Solar Services in Martinez

Diablo Solar Services has been a San Francisco Bay Area leader in solar energy systems for 27 years. We offer industry leading Fafco solar pool heating systems to heat even the largest pools. Solar heating for your pool is free and can extend your swim season up to seven months. We also provide solar pv electric panels for electricity production. Our solar photovoltaic panels, like our solar heating systems for pools, utilize leading edge technologies so you get the most out of every photovoltaic cell. With a solar energy system from Diablo Solar, you can sell excess solar power back to your utility company and lower your PG&E bill!

  • PV Solar Panels, Solar Pool Heating

    Solar lease Walnut creek consists of great benefits like low monthly payments, options to buy your system with zero down options, flexible end of lease options, any many more. For more details callon 925-313-0606


Diablo Solar Services
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