Islamic Halal Food Products Inc. in Manhasset Hills

Islamic Halal is famous within the Halal Food items organization. Islamic Halal's products and services contain official certifications within the slaughter and creation of ground beef, lamb, goatand hen, additionally as the halal-compliant creation of dairy products farm merchandise, prepared ingredients, chemicals and elements, vitamin products and nutritionary dietary supplements, andprescription medications. Islamic Halal will be acknowledged internationally due to the accreditation and auditing providers and it is nisus to become a logo design of halal ethics. Islamic Halalgives comprehensive info upon halal solutions, their own processes along with routines for halal merchandise suppliers, sellers, firms, along with customers. Islamic Halal is willing to response manyqueries. you may call us simply by cell phone in addition to e-mail. we all often additionally provide services for coaching, tutorials, convention telephone calls, in addition to recommendationcoming from dependable professionals inside halal meals in addition to govt regulations.
  • Halal Certified Food

    Halal certified foods are those allowed to be consumed in keeping with Islamic law. For any food to be thought-about halal it should go with the religious ritual and observance of Islamic law.
  • Halal Certified Products

    Buying product that are halal-certified means that you're financially supporting the Islamisation of USA, as well as the implementation of Islamic law. a lot of and more product in our outlets arelabeled 'halal-certified'.
    • Halal Certified Products
  • Halal Certified Restaurants

    1. With the growing range of Muslim travelers within the world, several restaurants are attempting to stimulate those travelers to eat their restaurants by providing Halal food. To understandadditional regarding the way to open a halal restaurant in USA, please visit


Islamic Halal Food Products Inc.
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