The Pearl Source in Los Angeles, CA, USA

The pearl source one of the most reputed online pearl store provide your every purchase within an elegant gift box designed to showcase your beautiful pearls and protect them when not being worn.

Established in 1991 at District of Los Angeles The Pearl Source is one of the first direct importers and wholesalers of Loose Pearls in the United States. Their company quickly transformed into one of the main suppliers of loose pearls to the biggest pearl jewelers in the nation. You can go through the Pearl Source Reviews to know more about their services and quality of pearl provided by them.

Since then, They have evolved into a supplier of virtually every type of pearl available including South Sea, Akoya, and Freshwater pearls. Now they directly import over 10,000 Golden, Australian South Sea and Tahitian pearls every month. In addition to their South Sea pearls, They also specialize in creating high quality Freshwater and Akoya cultured pearl strands for their customers. Furthermore, they also have become known for making custom orders for their customers and getting high rated positive pearl source reviews on the web. With nearly 20 years of experience, Their company has continually thrived by focusing on one thing, their customer. They are proud of the high rate of repeat business from consumers who continue to find the highest quality pearls at the lowest prices available anywhere.


The Pearl Source
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