PET / CT of Las Colinas in Irving

PET / CT of Las Colinas is an independently owned imaging and scanning center. We have taken pride in creating a warm and calming spa-like atmosphere for all of our patients. Our investment in top ofthe line imaging equipment offers you and your family peace of mind while ensuring best in class accuracy. Our center offers complementary hassle-free curbside parking to all patients. PET / CT ofLas Colinas was developed with both patients and physicians in mind and our scan and imaging services have been used for various types of disease; primarily in detecting, staging and monitoringcancer, but also in heart disease and brain disorders.
  • PET CT Scan and Imaging Center Las Colinas

    PET CT Imaging Center Las Colinas employs PET / Positron Emission Tomography. PET is a powerful imaging technique that holds great promise in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases,particularly cancer. A non-invasive test, PET scans accurately image the body's physiologic changes. A CT / Computed Tomography scan shows the structure of the anatomy where the changes are takingplace. During a single outpatient exam, combining these two scans in one highly sophisticated PET/CT imaging technique provides detailed information to physicians about the presence or spread ofdisease and accurately identifies its precise location. PET/CT imaging combines two tests in one and provides a unique representation of what is happening in the body. This can help physiciansaccurately diagnose many diseases at earlier stages when treatment is more likely to be effective. Its accuracy may help to precisely localize disease to aid in planning the right treatment for eachpatient, reducing unnecessary procedures and saving valuable time. For patients undergoing treatment, a PET/CT scan may provide a clearer assessment of how each person is responding. PET/CT imagingis impacting individual lives on a daily basis.


PET / CT of Las Colinas
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