Saraga International Grocery Commercial Drive in Indianapolis

Our International Supermarket in Indianapolis, IN offers food from Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Latin America, and the Middle East.Come to our Indianapolis grocery store to discover something new today!

  • Food from All Around the World

    The Saraga International Market is a much-needed addition to the city's shopping scene. Here, the slogan is "Food from All Around the World", and all that food is stored in a massive, warehouse-like space. Saraga carries over ten thousand different kinds of international foods from six continents, all reasonably priced, even cheap by some standards. The produce section of the store is located at the front, and it holds vegetables, fruits, and herbs from every corner of the planet, from China, to Madagascar, to Jamaica. Customers can choose from strange and familiar harvests priced significantly cheaper than the large chain stores. Limes and lemons are 3 for $1, exotic mushrooms can be bought for $2.99 a pound, and large stalks fresh sugar cane go for a mere $4.99. In addition, the grocery is well-stocked and organized according to both region and type of product. Mexican chiles and sauces are housed together, Japanese spice packets can be found near the rice and noodles that would accompany it on the plate, and candy gets its own aisle, shelved by country of origin.


Saraga International Grocery Commercial Drive
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