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Genealogy projects can be tough. But, you're interested in doing one and you need a place to start. Why not Map of US? We have pretty much every map imaginable, and we aim to be the go-to source forall things maps. If you just happen to be a History geek, no problem. Our historical atlases, and animated maps should keep you occupied plenty. The animated maps show you how each state came to bewhat you see today. If you're looking around for special maps, then check out our section on types of maps.
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    Maps are a fantastic ode to history and your ancestors. They are the first thing you would consult when you're trying to do a family chart/tree or plotting your genealogy. And what's best? Maps cantake you to other interesting sources of information on your ancestors, where they lived, how they lived and so on. We, at Map of US, aim to be the go-to source for maps of all kinds. We havepolitical maps, topographical ones, ward maps, and even fire insurance maps. We even have historical atlases. Want a complete and detailed map of US states? No problem; we've got it! Furthermore, ourmaps are animated. The animation shows you how each state in our country came to look like it does today. You can pause and play the animation as you like.


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