Inniti Allinace in Gahanna

Our services extend to the sectors of Insurance, Financial and Healthcare Industry. We offer assistance to our clients that help grow their business. Inniti offers core insurance services,operations, customer support, research and BI analytics. The Core insurance services offered include everything beginning from enrolment, Contract Management, Benefit Validation, Risk Management andFraud Detection. Having gained leverage, Inniti is a chosen partner for a majority of the US claims carriers for their claims management. Our services in BI & Analytics ensure faster solutions.Our industry knowledge helps us deliver holistic and customized solutions to Healthcare, Insurance industry. Inniti's healthcare expertise lies in offering a smooth Revenue Cycle Management to theirclients and assist in minimizing cost effective automated systems. With a global presence to cater to our client needs, Inniti is continuously working towards its commitment to deliver the bestservices to its clients. Rely on our efforts for your growth.


Inniti Allinace
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