S&D Consulting in Friendswood

At the core of S&D Consulting's, gathering the fundamental understanding of chemical, petrochemical and refining process is the main focus. With the sound understanding of you plant's behaviour,the process design and trouble-shooting begins. For more info contact - 281-996-1800
  • Automation Control Systems

    The main reasons for deploying automation control systems is to avoid operational inefficiency, keeping energy costs down and also to prevent unsafe operating conditions.S&D Consulting'sunderstands your plant's dynamic behavior and the technology required to automate and optimize operations.
  • Refining Processes

    Modern refineries pumping as much as 800-thousand barrels per day of crude oil. Maximizing resources, a keen eye for possible safety hazards, and optimizing efficiency and output are all a part ofS&D Consulting's expertise
  • Litigation Support

    Litigation support is essential to insure that all case materials like diagrams, chemical information, hazardous classifications etc. are properly gathered, analyzed and well presented. We providedetail knowledge, and expertise in refining and petrochemical operations, computer applications, automation and data management, indexing, researching, sorting and presention of complex analysis forlitigators. For more info contact - 281-996-180


S&D Consulting
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