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ProChem, Inc. understands the wastewater challenges that companies are facing: reduce waste, lessen environmental impact through water recycling/reuse, lower operating costs, while also meetingpermit requirements and the demands of their industrial processes. That's why we strive to design and optimize treatment solutions to meet clients' specific needs. We partner with clients to solveproblems and incorporate flexibility for the future. Wastewater challenges are our business and our solutions allow you to focus on yours.
  • Industrial WasteWater Treatability Testing

    The purpose of treatability testing is to gather data about the water that needs to be treated, not to sell equipment to you that you don't need. All of our treatment programs come with a dischargecompliance guarantee, and we will develop a treatment program that includes only what is necessary and effective for meeting that guarantee. Read More:
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment Strategy Development

    ProChem will evaluate your water and wastewater treatment needs through a process of engineering evaluation and treatability testing. Using the results of these evaluations, we will work with you todetermine the most effective and practical technology your facility. Based upon your company's needs, these options may include: * Chemical treatment * Membrane filtration * Ion-exchange technologiesRead More:
  • Industrial Wastewater Fabrication & Installation

    Our systems are tailored to each customer's needs: their water and their facility space. We employ licensed and apprenticed fabricators, pipe-fitters, electricians, and welders. This allows forquality control over every aspect of the system during its construction. Read More:
  • Industrial Wastewater Remote Monitoring

    ProChem's water and wastewater treatment systems are designed for remote monitoring capabilities and utilize a modern, cloud-based Remote Monitoring Cloud approach. Read
  • Industrial Water and Wastewater Management Solution

    ProChem also offers a variety of pretreatment operations - from contracted operations that require limited activity by the customer, to complete pretreatment operations and maintenance, includingchemical purchasing and inventory control. Read More:
    • Industrial Water and Wastewater Management Solution
  • Industrial Total Water Management

    Total Water Management (TWM) is a comprehensive strategy to cost effectively manage all aspects of a company's water related issues. From pretreatment of process feed water (i.e., industrial water)to the clarification of plant effluent (i.e., industrial wastewater)Read More:
    • Industrial Total Water Management


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