Element 420 in Denver

Element 420 offers some of the most potent extracts, concentrates and strain specific CO2 oil on the market, with THC levels testing in the 90th percentile for some strains! Experience the purity ofSuper Critical CO2 extracted oil. No butane, hexane, or any other co-solvents ever touch your medicine! If you dab, glob, torch, or whatever you want to call it, this is the place for you. CO2 Oilhas many benefits, and Element 420 is right at the forefront of this exciting and powerful method of extraction. Whether it's wax, budder, peanut butter, hash, shatter, or whatever your preferenceis, you're sure to find it here. They also cater to all your accessory needs, so stop by and pick up any Atmos Vaporizer products, dabbing tools, and whatever else you need to get started!


Element 420
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