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Creative people need lawyers as much as anybody else. And, we, the lawyers at Creative Law Network, offer solutions as creative as our clients. As creative professionals, you're going to need someoneto handle the negotiations, contracts and business on your behalf- preferably with aplomb. We offer you that service. We're not stodgy and we love the laws for the creative arts.
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    Law, Legal Information, Intellectual Property, Copyrights, Trademarks, Legal Services, Practice Areas, Law Firms We are the Creative Law Network and we offer solutions as creative as our clients. Ourlaw firm focuses solely on helping out creative individuals and creative businesses get through the often convoluted world of laws, contracts and negotiations. We're not stodgy, nor are we uptight.We know what kind of help creative professionals might want, and we offer our humble services. We care about your career and well-being- and that's what sets us apart from other law firms. Got anintellectual property dispute? Give us a call. Need help understanding entertainment laws? Creative Law Network is here to help! We'll listen to what you need, and do our best to make sure you getit. Law for the creative arts is pretty much what we do.


Creative Law Network
legal information, intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks, legal services, practice areas, law firms