Scooter Boogie in Dallas

Scooter Boogie Restaurant Delivery Service is a restaurant food takeout delivery service that provides service to all residential and commercial locations within a 3.5 mile radius of the I35 and Woodall Rodgers split in downtown Dallas. We deliver food from any restaurant in Dallas to guests within our delivery area for a small flat fee of $10 dollars, we have an affiliated network of restaurants that offer a discounted/free delivery charge along with no need to call us to notify of the delivery, making it faster for you to receive your delivery. We utilize delivery scooters that are equipped with insulated delivery storage areas. Scooters are more efficient in gas and maintenance so they will leave less of a carbon footprint thus MAKING US MORE GREEN! Scooter Boogie prides itself on quality of service and that starts with appearance, our drivers maintain a high uniform standard. We are providing the guests with a service, so in turn we will provide great service. Our standards are that of a restaurant and treat everyone like guests and not a delivery company.


Scooter Boogie
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