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Selling In A Skirt is one of the top sales training companies providing best sales training & coaching programs for men and women sales professionals.

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    Selling In A Skirt is a method, a philosophy and a way of life for the next generation of successful salesmen and saleswomen. Armed with over 30 years experience in the sales side of business, Judy Hoberman has observed and experienced such a wide variety of techniques come and go, sizzle instead of smolder, ultimately leaving adopters high and dry that she felt the need to step in and do something about it.Selling in a Skirt speaks to both the woman's need to use her gender-based talents. In addition it addresses most male manager's need to understand how to help female associates be successful by using their instinctive qualities. Selling In A Skirt goes one step further and helps male managers recruit, train, motivate and retain female sales professionals.

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Selling In A Skirt - Best Sales Training Company
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