Comerford Solar in Concord, CA

Comerford Solar installs and maintains commercial and residential solar energy systems. As a renewable energy provider, we seek to install durable, high efficiency solar systems that will reduce your electric utility costs. You can greatly decrease your dependence on your local gas and electric company, as well as, your impact on the environment.

Comerford Solar gives you uncompromising quality and the ability to design systems tailored to your needs that will save money in the process. Affordable solar systems give you comfort without sacrifice and protect your family from inflating dirty energy costs.

  • Solar Panel Installation

    Residential solar systems are eligible for the energy production rebate of up to $5,000/yr, based on the system-specific design factor.

    Earn 30% federal tax credit of total system cost.

    100% sales tax exemption.

    Please contact Comerford Solar to learn more about rebate levels in your area.


Comerford Solar
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