Adam Infinitum in Columbus

User-centric online visibility and communications consultants. We specialize in collecting data from online sources (often from analytics, competitors, search engines, social media and more),analyzing it, making recommendations of strategy and executing that plan in a way that closest matches out clients' business goals. Frequently, this involves pay per click ads, search engineoptimization, web performance optimization and conversion rate optimization for online marketing efforts but it can be used for offline efforts as well.
We apply the scientific method to internet marketing.
  • Pay Per Click Management

    Professional management of pay per click advertising on platforms including Google AdWords, Bing/Yahoo Ads and Linked In Ads. We offer flat monthly rate pricing and we consistently achieve betterthan average effectiveness.
  • Web Analytics

    We setup and analyze software that tracks visitors to websites and mobile applications (e.g. Google Analytics) this allows us to make data-driven recommendations on how to improve the effectivenessof online marketing spend.
  • Web Performance Optimization

    Making sure sites load fast increases customer retention, conversion rates and user experience. By setting up the server and the site itself to load as quickly as possible for all users on alldevices, we can increase the effectiveness of your website by making it as easy to use as possible.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    We can help you improve your site, and your site's connections to the web, which will raise your visibility for organic searches related to services and products your provide.


Adam Infinitum
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