Edenway Birthing Center LLC in Cleburne, TX

Edenway Birthing Center LLC aims to make a difference in the life of the expecting mothers. We strongly believe in the importance of encouragement during the childbirth years that ensure wellbeingand success of the mother in attaining natural birth, being able to breastfeed successfully and learn the good parenting skills. We believe that women's bodies are created to give birth and weinstill confidence among our clients through information, education and continued support. We believe in the midwifery model of care. Our midwives offer prenatal care, hands-on assistance duringdelivery and labor and postpartum support. For more information about our services, visit Our site.
  • Services

    Midwifery Care, Pre Conception Counseling, Water Birth, VBAC, Doula Service, Lactation Service, Massage Therapy, Childbirth Classes, Chiropractic Care.


Edenway Birthing Center LLC
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