Limerance in Cincinnati

We produce Organic Hemp Oil, Best Body Oil, Organic Skin Cream, Skin Cream with Vitamin C, Body Oil, Natural Face Cream, Aphrodisiac Body Oil, Anti-Wrinkel Lotion, Radiant Skin Products and Lip Balmusing the the finest ingredients on the planet! We make our skin products fresh as you order them. Our products are packed with minerals. You can see the minerals in the cream. Feel the Limerancedifference.
  • Best Body Oil

    Europeans visited sulfur mineral springs for health and radiant skin. We bring the springs to you! We added organic hemp oil, coconut and sweet fennel, rumored to be an aphrodisiac in Egypt andEastern cultures. Use massage oil with aphrodisiac to moisturize after a shower, to shave or for a romantic massage. If you have thin or limp hair, spray it on your hairbrush and brush through dryhair for body and shine. 99% food grade ingredients.


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