Prime Scales - Floor Scales, Counting Scales, Balances in Chino

Prime Scale is a scales manufacturing company in California.Which is dedicated to provide the different scales that you need for your home and business.We follow the international scales standards sothat you get the accurate results for your measurements.We offer following products to our clients: Industrial Scales 1- Floor Scales 2- Pallet Scales 3- Wrapping Machine 4- Counting Scales 5- Checkweighers 6- Weighing Scales 7- Truck Scales 8- Crane Scales 9- Drum Scales 10- Bench Scales 11- Postal/Shipping Scales Food Scales 1- Portion Control Scales 2- Kitchen Scales 3- Washdown ScalesMedical Scales 1- Wheel Chair Scales 2- Vet/Animal Scales 3- Bariatric / Handrail Scales 4- Pediatric Scales 5- Dietary Scales 6- Physician Scales 7- Body Fat / Bathroom Scales Balance Scales 1-Table Top Balances 2- Pocket Scales Agriculture Scales Load Cells 1- Double-ended Beams 2- Canister / Compression 3- Single-ended Beams 4- S-type Beams 5- Single 6-point Cells Visit our website formore details.
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    Prime Scales offer scales which is manufactured using international scale standered in California
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Prime Scales - Floor Scales, Counting Scales, Balances
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