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Get best quality native mobile application templates for iOS and Android from Premium custom designed app templates, starting at $99.
  • Chat Corner Android App Template ($99)

    It is a simple app template that developers can download and customize and provide you with all the interactive features you need to share with your near and dear ones. It also includes photo sharingand favourites features. The good part is that you can easily login with your existing Facebook or Twitter accounts. It does not include any lengthy form filling procedures for registration andlogin.
  • Taxi iOS App Template ($99)

    This template can be used for developing taxi booking mobile applications and mobile application developer can modify this template as per their requirements.
    • Taxi iOS App Template
  • Dallizio Android Mobile App Template ($99)

    The Dallizio Android App template is perfect for your app requirements and the underlying features that the Android system supports makes it easy for developers to add features for payment processes,location maps and instant calling for placing orders and booking lunch and dinner reservations.
    • Dallizio Android Mobile App Template
  • Chillies iOS Mobile App Template ($99)

    Chillies app template for iPhone is ready-to- use with a slick UI and an interactive slide menu where you can include all the features for restaurant info, menus and a shopping cart that is designedwith the accuracy required to make it usable and to help customers through the various stages of checkout until completion.
    • Chillies iOS Mobile App Template
  • Event Android Mobile App Template ($99)

    Developers get a ready design to build a perfect event app where you can select a city and date and instantly get the details about all the events on that particular date. Booking an event via thisapp is easy too with accurate payment processing and appropriate space for feedback too.
    • Event Android Mobile App Template
  • Event Booky iOS App Template ($99)

    Event booky App Template is packed with features for selecting the city, date and time of the event that you are interested in and you can also read reviews or opinions of other people using the app.Developers can download this template and instantly create an event app for iPhone and iPad users.
  • Home Hunt Android App Template ($99)

    Our real estate app template is just right for developers to create an app that can help locate the right property suitable for your family. This template will help you select properties based onlocation, nearby joints and places, floor plan etc. It gives a detailed map of where exactly the said property is and how convenient and accessible it is.
    • Home Hunt Android App Template
  • Real Estate iOS App Template ($99)

    The real estate iOS App template is just for creating a mobile app for locating the right property and all the information associated with it. Developers can add a gamut of features with this as thebase and create a very useful app that includes all the relevant features to help you easily locate the property of your dreams!
    • Real Estate iOS App Template


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