A Stay in the Country Pet Lodging in Charles City

At the Shadewood Farm and Kennel, everybody loves animals- of all kinds. If you happen to be going away on a long trip, and you need a place for your pet to stay, then Shadewood is definitely yourguilt-free and worry-free pet boarding solution. We are devoted to keeping your pet-friend safe, healthy and clean. We have condos for cats and kitties, and doggy dens for your canine companions. Andthey're clean, well-ventilated and spacious. You're pet will be happy with us- even if it's just an overnight stay. If you happen to have a need for sheep dogs to keep livestock safe, then noworries. We can fulfil that need too. We breed Anatolian shepherds and Border Collies, and they're some of the best in the country. We do careful screening of pedigree and do an overall evaluation tohelp us select the best breeding possible. If you're just interested in buying puppies for your child, then sign up for our planned litter option. But remember that we only give our puppies toapproved families- there are forms to fill out.
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    Finding livestock guardian dogs can be tough- especially if you're looking for excellent breeding. Shadewood Farm and Kennel breeds the best Border Collies and Anatolian Shepherds in the country.We're a certified Breeder of Merit member of the American Kennel Club- we know what we're doing. We also provide boarding for pets. Our kitty condos and doggy dens are clean, well-ventilated and wehave plenty of space for them to play around too. Your pets will be in safe hands, and you can be guilt and worry-free. If you're looking to buy puppies, then you can sign up for our planned puppylitter plans. We only give our puppies to families who pass our exacting standards and get our approval.


A Stay in the Country Pet Lodging
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