Boulder Dog Food Company LLC in Boulder

If you think humans are the only ones who have to eat healthy, then you're mistaken. Your pets must eat healthy too. This is why we, at Boulder Dog Food Company LLC, aim to feed everybody's pets thehealthiest treats in the market. Our dog treats are all-natural, gourmet and grain-free. We realize that many pets are allergic to certain grains and meats, this why we have a wide variety of treatsin pretty much every kind of meat. If your dog is allergic to beef and chicken treats, then our bison, turkey and lamb treats should make him happy. We source our meat from an acclaimed facility thatraises its cattle humanely. Grass-fed with no steroids and antibiotics is our major requirement. Our poultry are raised in cage-free environs and a vegetarian diet. If you're a cat-person, then wehave plenty of gourmet treats for your cat too. Our range of seafood treats- tilapia, shrimp, squid and bonito- are all from U.S waters, and perfectly organic.
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    Canine treats: Bison Jerky, Bison Cubes, Bison Wafers, Bison Liver, Bison Heart, Bison Chews, Bison Party Mix, Bison Pipes, Baked Bison Caps, Baked Bison Bones, Baked Bison Tendons, Organic BeefCubes, Organic Beef Wafers, Organic Beef Pipes, Organic Beef Caps, Organic Beef Bones, Lamb Cubes, Lamb Wafers, Bison Liver Biscotti, Chicken Liver Biscotti, Bison Sprinkles, Chicken Sprinkles,Turkey Sprinkles, Chicken Bits, Chicken Breast Strips, Turkey Bits, Organic Tilapia Filets Feline treats: Bison Bits, Chicken Crunchies, Kitty Mix, Turkey Treats, Feline Fish Flakes, CalamariConfetti, Shrimp Cocktail, Organic Tilapia Temptation, Chicken Liver Jerky, Chicken Breast Chips


Boulder Dog Food Company LLC
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