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Voltage Converter Company is a leader among voltage converter manufacturer. Our main focus is creating the highest quality products. Voltage Converter Company is an United States voltage convertermaker located in Los Angeles. Our company concentrates on voltage converter design and voltage converter manufacture. The main products are 110v to 220v voltage converter, 220v to 110v voltageconverter, step up voltage converter, step down voltage converter and so on. It's very likely that you won't require a voltage converter. However it would still be a good idea to double-check. Checkthe Chargers or Power Supplies of EACH device that you'll be travelling with, looking for the words "Input Voltage". If this specifies 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, the products will work fine in Europewith only an inexpensive Plug Adapter. Which countries will you are visiting? Note that the Plug Adapters are different for the UK than on the continent. What's the capacity (wattage) of the VoltageConverter you bought? If it's a high wattage model (1600W+), it will use solid-state conversion methods. This should not be used with electronic products such as Camera Chargers, etc.! One that notonly converts PAL to NTSC but also has a fairly substantial number of HDMI and other ports along with support all the latest audio and video formats, etc., reliable and at a very cost-effective pricepoint. Nobody in the forum who owns one had chimed in...if I would buy one region free and reliable I would go for the Oppo, the reason without me researching all of them is that every now and thenthere's always firmware upgrades and when you upgrade the players that are originally region locked it'll locked itself again, just saying from my experience.
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    We have a large copier that is plugged into a 220V outlet. Our new copier is a 120V. Is there such a thing as a step down converter that can be made or bought that would allow the copier to beplugged in? I was told that some type of converter could be built or made. If you do not need 220v printer anymore, then you can have electrician just rewire it for 120v. He just has to replace thebreaker and the outlet. Let me know if you have more questions. I know that, but it is in a Federal Bldg and getting an electrician is a long paperwork proposition and will take months. My questionis a step down type converter or cord that could be made available in lieu of getting an electrician? Even if it is just temporary to get the copier working, while we wait on the long federalprocess? It looks like this should work for you. They have an adapter for usa plug. You can also call them and see if it's good for your application. Let me know if that does not work and we willcontinue. I've used the same adapter for years, never a converter. I haven't had a problem with a hair dryer, etc. (although I don't travel with air styling equipment any longer) My hair dryer justworked a little slower, but using it did not damage it. That being said, to calm your fears...you can find a converter online at any of the travel sites. Eagle Creek makes them, etc. or try yourlocal travel/luggage store. They have knowledgeable staff to assist you. Are you traveling with a computer or digital camera that needs to be charged or just hair dryer, etc.? That makes adifference!
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